With the export function of Leadinfo you can easily download a .csv file with all the information of your website visitors.

In the export function you can choose which information you would like to export. In addition you can also filter on tags or a specific page in the portal. In this article we show you how the export function works. We'll discuss below topics:

Filtering based on a specific page visit

In the menu on the left side you can filter companies that visited a specific page. You can fill in the URL of the specific page. The overview will now only show companies that visited that specific page. This can be useful when you want evaluate a certain campaign.

Filtering based on tags

You can also filter based on tag. When you scroll down in the menu on the left side you can select certain tags. In your overview you will only see the companies how have that tag.

Example: Do you want to make an export of leads that have been on your contact page, that you have linked to the tag “Hot”? Then search for “Contact” at pages and select the columns and the tag “Hot”.

Selecting columns

On the left side you can also select the columns you would like to export. Determine what information you want to export from your website visitors. When you select a column it will be directly visible in your overview.

Filtering in columns

When you have selected the right columns, you can filter within certain columns.

Below you can see, for example, that a red line has been placed around “Last session”. Here you can, for example, filter leads that have visited your website for the first time in the past week. You can do this by searching based on date. Pay attention that you use the following time format: YYYY-MM-DD. This can be for example “2020-05-18”, so I search for all leads that have visited my website for the first time since May 18, 2020. You can also do this for example in the column “Last visit”. leads that have been on your website before.

Creating an export & organising the file

When you have selected the right filters and the right columns you can click the button "Export #### companies". A .csv file will be downloaden.

When you open the Excel file you will see that everything is formatted in one column. You can easily adjust this by following below steps:

  1. Select column A by clicking on it

  2. Go to the tab "Data" and select "Text to columns"

  3. Select "fixed width" and click "Next"

  4. Make sure to select "Comma"

  5. And click on complete.

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