Do you want to automatically assign tags to a lead? Or would you like to receive an e-mail when an interesting company visits your website? Use the functionality trigger to set this up.

Triggers will help you to automate Leadinfo and thus save a lot of time!

A trigger exists out of 2 elements:


The rules that are attached to a trigger are the conditions that a website visitor needs to meet. When a company visits your website and meets the rules you have set, the trigger will "go off". A rule can almost be everything. A few examples are; visiting a certain page, the branch of the lead or the number of employees.


Besides rules, you also need to set up an Action. This action will be executed when the trigger ‘goes off’. For example, the action that an e-mail will be sent to you when a lead meets all the rules.

Triggers work in real-time. When a lead matched the rules of the trigger it will immediately go off and perform the connected action.

You can set up a trigger in the Leadinfo Portal. You can find a detailed description of how triggers work in this article.

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