Connect Leadinfo effortless with the software that your organization is using.

Leadinfo links with various CRM / ERP packages so that leads can easily be processed in the current workflow. The company profile is automatically enriched with Leadinfo's extensive company information to gain even better insight. By integrating with various chat applications, you can easily send a hot lead to a colleague, or measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with the Google Ads integration.

Leadinfo offers various integrations, so you can integrate our system with your CRM system. Click on below integrations to find out how to connect it to Leadinfo!

We have created a manual for each integration to help you set up these integrations.

Tip: try Zapier! Zapier is a tool that you can connect to 1000+ other web services. So-called "Zaps" let you communicate easily and quickly with other apps.

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