The inbox is the place where all your data is shown. Here you can filter by period, add tags, see visitors that are live on your website and find the data of a company.

When you enter the portal for the first time, it probably looks empty. The tracking code has not yet been posted or has recently been placed. After the code has been placed, the first leads will be shown in your inbox. In this article we will tell you more about:

Lead data:

When you click on a company in your inbox you can find more information and see the behaviour the visitor showed on the website. In the company profile you find the following information:

  • Contact details

  • Chamber of Commerce information

  • Legal information

  • Managing board

  • Financial data (when available)

  • Latest news and blogs (when available)

  • Social media accounts

  • Email addresses (when available)

In addition you also have the option to add comments. By doing so you and your colleagues know when certain agreements have been made or actions have been taken.

In the company profile you can also see which pages the company has visited, how long he stayed on a certain page and what the source of his visit was. Use this info when you decide to contact the company. You can touch the topics he/she showed interest in.


You can use tags to create a better overview in your inbox. For example, you can create the tag 'Interesting' and add this to a company. By doing so you will immediately see which companies are interesting.

We already added some tags for your. But you can always delete or edit our tags, or even add more tags!

After you added a tag to the company it will also become visible in the overview of the lead. This also allows you to see which tags are linked to the company. You can also link multiple tags to a customer.

Filtering Leads:

There is a menu on the left side of the portal, where you can filter your visits. Here you can filter based on periode, country or tags.

Filtering on period

When you filter on period you can easily see which leads visited your website in what period. You will always see the periods Today, Yesterday, This week, Last Week, the previous 2 months and the previous 2 years. If you want to select a specific period you can use the date picker to select a custom period.

Filter by country

Beside filtering by period you can als filter on country. When you click on a certain country you will only see companies originated from that country. Here you can find a lists of all countries in which we recognise!

Filter on tags

When you have added labels to a company you can filter companies based on tags. By clicking on the tag, you will only see companies with that tag. You can select multiple tags. Do you want to know more about labels? Read this article.

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