We offer you the opportunity to use Leadinfo for 14 days entirely without obligation. By using our tool yourself, you can experience the added value of recognising companies that visit your website. You can use the gathered data for marketing campaigns or call-out actions.

Without any obligations

The trial period is completely without any obligations. That is why you do not have to provide any payment details in your trial request. After your trial period you can decide whether you want to become a customer or not. Naturally, we would like you to become one of our customers!

Duration of trial period

The trial period lasts for 14 days and will start when you activate your tracking code. In these 14 days we can see how many business visitors your website attracts. Based on this information we can create a fitting proposal with the monthly costs.

Obviously, we will be devastated if you decide not to become a customer. But once you made that decision we will not continue to bother you with e-mails or calls.

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