The Lead Gen Form is a piece of software that we are very proud of. The Lead Gen Form ensures that you create even more leads on your website, by making the step of contacting your company easier. As soon as a company visits your website, you can greet them personally, automatically show your phone number or email address, making it even easier for the potential customer to contact you.

With our software you can of course already recognize business visitors, now we have processed all this data in a pop-up on your website, which you can personalize yourself. Would you like to greet a company by name? Do you want to include the place name and telephone number in the text? It is all possible! That way, you can easily let the customer choose to leave a callback request or email request.

We already have heard many success stories from our customers using the Lead Gen Form. That is why we have made it easy for you to set it up in the portal. In addition, a short manual is available to help you set up the Lead Gen Form.

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