Leadinfo only integrates with gtm.js (Google Tag Manager) and gtag.js (the latest version of Google Analytics).

As a Marketer you want to know what the visitors on your website are doing. That is why we offer the possibility to send Custom Events to Google Analytics when someone submits a Lead Gen Form on your website. In this article you will find out how to set this up.

Step 1

Check in your source code (or ask your web administrator) whether you are using Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Does the Google Analytics code run on your website? Then you only have to check the option "Send event to Google Analytics" under the 'Action' panel within the Lead Gen Form.

Is Google Tag Manager running on your website? Then go to Step 2.

Step 2

Leadinfo creates a custom event for Google Tag Manager and sends it to the dataLayer. To make sure that the event will be send to Google Analytics you have set up below settings in Google Tag Manager.

  1. A variable.
  2. A trigger.
  3. A tag.

Step 2.1 Create a variable

Leadinfo sends a variable with the dataLayer that describes which company has completed the Lead Gen Form and the type of Lead Gen Form. To accommodate these variables, we create a variable in Google Tag Manager.

Click "Variables" in the left menu of the Google Tag Manager console.

Under "User-defined variables", click "New"

Copy the following data, rename this variable "LGF - label" and click on "Save"

Step 2.2 - Create a trigger

Click "Triggers" in the left menu of the Google Tag Manager console.

Click on "New" at "Triggers"

Copy the following data, rename this trigger "LGF - submit" and click "Save"

Step 2.3 Create a tag

Click "Tags" in the left menu of the Google Tag Manager console.

Click on "New" at "Tags"

Click on "Tag configuration" and enter the following information. You can add different Category or Action in this step to make sure it is still clear for you in Google Analytics.

(You can see above that we use the previously created variable for Label)

Click on "Triggers" and select here the "LGF - submit" trigger that we created in step 2.2. Rename this Tag to "LGF - submit" and press "Save"

Finally, click "Submit" in the top right corner to process all your changes. From now on, the custom events are visible in your linked Google Analytics account!

Your Google Analytics event should look like this:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot figure it out. You can send us a message via the chat or send us an email to info@leadinfo.com.

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