Via LinkedIn you can target interesting companies with your message. LinkedIn Advertising allows you to target a specific target group. Ensuring you that your ads will reach the right company and the right contactpersons.

To assist you with LinkedIn Advertising we created the functionality "Export for LinkedIn". With this functionality you can download the companies that visited your website in a .csv file. This file is immediately ready to upload in LinkedIn. No need to copy and paste in separate Excel files anymore.

Via below steps you can download the file.

Step 1: Click op "Export" in the menu of the Leadinfo Portal.

Step 2: Determine which organisation you would like to export. You can filter here on tags or specific pages that the company visited. Check out this article for more info on filtering in the export function.

Step 3: Click on the blue button "Export for LinkedIn".

You will no download a .csv file that you can directly upload into LinkedIn Advertising.

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