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Obtain contact details from website visitor with our Lead Gen Form

The Lead Gen Form is a personalized pop-up that you can use to generate more leads. Companies who use the Lead Gen Form can generate 3 times more leads via their website.

What is the Lead Gen Form?

The Lead Gen Form is something that we are very proud of. Via the Lead Gen Form, your website visitors can easily leave their contact details. Do you want to greet a company using their company name? Or do you want to add the city the company is located in? It is all possible with the Lead Gen Form!



How do I set up the Lead Gen Form?

You can easily install the Lead Gen Form in the Leadinfo portal. In the top menu, you can click on "Lead Gen Forms". On this page, you can determine the settings of the form. In the menu on the right side, you will see below settings:


Appearance: Determine the general settings of the Lead Gen Form here. Such as the Call-2-Action and the delay of the pop-up.

Position: Choose where the Lead Gen Form needs to be shown on your website.

Write a personalized text that will be sown in the pop-up. Via 'drag and drop' you can add personalized fields such as company name, city, and phone number.

The colour of the Lead Gen Form automatically adjusts to the colours on your website. If you would like to change these colours, you can click on "Advanced colour options".

Select to whom you want to send the notification email and in which language you want to send the email.

You can find a detailed explanation of how the Lead Gen Form works here.