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What functions does Leadinfo have to offer?

Leadinfo can do more than identify businesses that have been visiting your website. There are a number of features and functions that can be of great value to your company. We want to make sure that you really do get the most out of our software.

Below you will find a list of all of Leadinfo's functions, along with a brief summary of what it can do and links to help articles that cover the feature in more depth.

  1. Dashboard - allows you to see an overview of location, size, and branch business visitors on your website

  2. Inbox - shows you your visitors in real time and allows you to filter them by timespan, location, and tags

  3. Email reports - you can arrange to receive daily, weekly, and/or monthly email reports on the business visitors on your website along with their relevant information

  4. Tags - label your visitors and leads to keep your portal organized and maintain an overview of which leads are interesting for which co-worker and which ones are not interesting

  5. Triggers - define a series of rules that a visitor needs to fulfil in order for Leadinfo to perform a certain action, such send an email or assign a tag

  6. Lead Gen Form - create a personalized "Call back request" pop-up for your website which will address visitors directly and give them the opportunity to leave contact information

  7. Liquid Content - a new feature which allows you to adapt website content, such as images, to appeal more to the visitor

  8. Exports - export Leadinfo data on your website into a CVS file to better analyse the data internally and share it with colleagues as an overview

  9. LinkedIn Exports - use Leadinfo data to target companies with LinkedIn advertising, which have already visited your website and shown interest

  10. Screen Recordings - see the journey that your visitors go through so see what they are drawn to and find out where your website can improve

  11. CRM Integrations - connect Leadinfo near all CRM systems so that Leadinfo sends the information from your website visitors to your CRM