With Leadinfo, it is possible to set up a Zapier integration. This allows you to connect to more than 2,000 apps. It is possible to set up a link with almost all CRM systems, so the data from Leadinfo is synchronised with your linked app. But there are many other possibilities with the integration of Zapier.

How can I use Zapier?

With Zapier, you can connect Leadinfo with software for which there is no integration. By doing so, you can easily integrate Leadinfo into your current workflow. In addition, you can use your triggers functionality to automatically connect companies to your CRM system through Zapier. Take a look at this article on how you can automatically connect companies from Leadinfo!

How do I connect Zapier with Leadinfo?

  1. Log in to the Leadinfo portal and go to settings.

  2. Under integrations select “Zapier”.

  3. Click on "Connect with Zapier".

  4. Log in with your Zapier account, or create a new account.

  5. When selecting an app, search for “Leadinfo”.

  6. Select the trigger you want to use. You can choose between “Lead Gen Form” and “Share”. At “Lead Gen Form” you can set a trigger that will be executed when someone fills in your Lead Gen Form. At “Share” a button is added to each lead, so you can share it to your Zapier trigger.

  7. Click on continue and select the option to log in to Leadinfo.

  8. After logging in, you can choose the app to which the data must be written. The settings depend on the app you choose.

After completing the installation process you can get started with your “Zap”! Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them in our chat, or give us a call!

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