Does the Google Analytics Ban also apply to Leadinfo?

Several European countries have decided that Google Analytics is not compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Courts and data protection authorities in these countries expressed that Google Analytics does not meet the requirements of the GDPR. Some countries allow limited use of the tool. This article breaks down why they banned Google Analytics and what influence this decision has on the use of Leadinfo. 

Why ban Google Analytics?

The main reason for this decision lies in the fact that the tool transfers personal data to the United States. US surveillance laws require US providers to provide personal data to the authorities when requested. This does not offer a sufficient level of data protection. 

Does this have any effect on Leadinfo?

Leadinfo is not impacted by the decision of the countries to ban Google Analytics. We also do not worry about our own services. Where Google hosts their data in the United States, Leadinfo hosts its data in Europe. 

Leadinfo's data is hosted by Amazon Web Services EMEA (SARL) in Ireland. US authorities, therefore, cannot access our data.