Zapier integration

With Leadinfo, it is possible to set up a Zapier integration. This allows you to connect to more than 3000 applications. It is possible to set up a link with almost all CRM systems, so the data from Leadinfo is synchronised with your linked app. But there are many other possibilities with the integration of Zapier.

How do I connect Zapier with Leadinfo?

Connecting Leadinfo to Zapier is done in Zapier. Create a Leadinfo account and simply follow the steps below to get started

Step 1: Log into Zapier and go to "My Apps". From here, click on “Add Connection” in the top right corner.

Step 2:
Search for Leadinfo in the search bar.

Step 3:
Provide your Leadinfo credentials in the pop-up screen and click on “Allow”. Double-check if this is the right account you want to connect it to.

Step 4:
Start using Zapier & Leadinfo. After providing your credentials, you have set up Leadinfo in your Zapier account. You can now start setting up your Zaps!