Is Leadinfo terminable on a monthly basis?

If you have opted to receive monthly invoices from Leadinfo, rather than annual or biannual invoices, you do have the option of cancelling your subscription on a monthly basis.

We're sorry to see you go! But if you decide to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so through your account settings in the Leadinfo portal.


Step 1: Head to your settings and navigate to "Subscription" in the left side menu . 


Step 2: A pop-up appears where we gather feedback to help improve our tool and services.


Step 3: Provide your contact details in order to confirm the cancellation request.


After you confirmed the cancellation request, the Customer Success team will reach out to you within 2 work days to confirm the cancellation. 


Please note: Leadinfo has a notice period of one month before the next invoice date. At the end of your cancellation request you will see the date until you will have access to the Leadinfo portal.