What is Leadinfo Autopilot

Discover more about Leadinfo Autopilot and how you can supercharge your Lead Follow-up

Say goodbye to traditional email and LinkedIn automation. With Leadinfo Autopilot you will take your lead follow-up to the next level. Discover more about what it is and the possibilities in this article.

What is Leadinfo Autopilot

With Leadinfo Autopilot, you have the power to effortlessly follow up with your website visitors and other contacts. Take control by creating customized Campaigns and easily enrol your leads into these campaigns, either automatically or manually.

Here's what is possible with Leadinfo Autopilot:

  • Send an email
  • Send a connection request 
  • Send a LinkedIn Message (if the lead is a connection on LinkedIn)
  • Visit LinkedIn profile
  • Follow lead on LinkedIn
  • Combine all actions above to build your own customized campaign

By combing the above actions, you can build your own campaign existing out of a sequence of these steps. Including a delay between the executed steps.

For example: Send an e-mail on day 1. Wait for two days and then send a connection request.

It's all possible with Leadinfo Autopilot. 

Is Leadinfo Autopilot included in the subscription?

Leadinfo Autopilot is not included in the base subscription of Leadinfo. You can easily add it to your subscription. The costs are € 49 per month per user (based on an annual subscription). 

Every account can try out Leadinfo Autopilot for free for 14 days with an unlimited amount of users!