What is the difference between Leadinfo and Google Analytics?

We're often asked by users what the difference is between Google Analytics and Leadinfo. They might appear similar, but the two tools are completely different. This help article explains what the difference are between Google Analytics and Leadinfo.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the popular web analytics services from Google. With Google Analytics, you can track your website performance and collect insights on your website visitors. It allows marketeers to better understand their audience, their behaviour and identify trends and patterns on how visitors engage with their website.


The difference between Google Analytics and Leadinfo

Where Google Analytics shows behavioural data of every website visitor, Leadinfo only shows information of companies that visit your website. In addition, Leadinfo shows more than behavioural data. When we recognise a company, we also provide extra company information, such as contact information, of the companies that visit your website. 


Leadinfo Google Analytics
Identifies companies that visit your website Shows traffic but doesn't identify website traffic
Only shows the behaviour of companies that visit your website Shows the behaviour of every website visitors including consumers
Provides company information of the companies that visited your website.  Doesn't provide company information
Used follow-up activities by Marketing and Sales Used for in-depth traffic analyses 

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Google Analytics show more visits than Leadinfo?

The statistics of Google Analytics include every website visitor. This means that Google Analytics also show the consumers that visit your website. Leadinfo only shows the companies that visit your website.  That is why Google Analytics will always show more visits than Leadinfo. 


Can I use Google Analytics and Leadinfo at the same time?


Yes. The script of Google Analytics and Leadinfo do not interfere with each other and can be used at the same time. 

When should I use Google Analytics, and when should I use Leadinfo?

Google Analytics and Leadinfo both have their advantages and disadvantages. Because they have different purposes they can be used simultaneously and used to achieve different goals. 

  • Use Google Analytics to analyse website traffic and adjust your marketing strategy based on these insights.
  • Use Leadinfo to identify the companies that visit your website and follow up on interesting leads.


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