What is the difference between Lead score and Audience Match?

The Lead score and Leadinfo Audience Match are built to identify your interesting visitors. Learn more about the difference of these features!

In your inbox, we show all companies visiting your website. However, it doesn't just stop there. To ensure you get the most out of Leadinfo we help you with filtering out the most relevant Leads. Both Lead score and Leadinfo Audience Match are features that give you guidance by qualifying your leads.  

Behaviour versus profile 

The Lead score of a company and the Audience Match flame are not related to each other. Therefore, it could happen that you see companies in your inbox with a flame, but which have a low health score. The reason is that both features are based on different data 

  • Lead score: This feature takes a look at the activity of a website visitor. The more pages a company visits, or the more sessions they make will increase the lead score. 
  • Audience Match: This feature checks the profile of a website visitor. With machine learning it detects if this looks like your ideal customer profile. If you assign the tag "hot" or "customer" to one of your companies or software will detect the characteristics of these companies and build your ideal customer profile. In case you do not have any tags in your inbox, the software will take a look at your average website visitor as a base for your ICP. This can be further trained by rating the companies in your inbox. 



The company Spalder Media has a low lead score. This is due to the fact that they only visited one page on the website. However, this company received the tag "hot". Because it also meets criteria such as the branch code of our ideal customer profile it gets a Audience Match flame.