Through the steps below, you can easily start recognising business website visitors with Leadinfo.

  1. Copy the tracking code out of the settings in the Leadinfo-portal.

  2. Log in to your Drupal admin dashboard.

  3. Go to ''structure'' in the menu.

  4. Select ''Blocks'' and go to ''+Add Block''.

  5. Follow the next steps to set up your new block .

  • Block title: select a title, for example ''Leadinfo tracking code''.

  • Block description: choose a description for the block here, for example "Recognise business visitors with Leadinfo".

  • Block body: place the Leadinfo tracking code.

  • Text format: Choose "Full HTML". Pay attention that in some Drupal versions you must choose "Plain Text Editor" to ensure that it is set as HTML instead of plain text.

  • Region settings: choose ''Footer'' for your default theme.

  • Visibility settings: if you don't want to use the Leadinfo tracking code on all of your pages, select this option, otherwise you can simply skip this step.

From now on, you are ready to recognise your business visitors on your website. This can be found in the inbox of your Leadinfo portal.

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