Examples of Liquid Content

98% of your website visitors do not convert! That is why marketers need to pull every trick in the book to optimize their website for conversion. One of the ways to convert your website visitors is by triggering the visitor by personalizing the content.

Liquid Content makes this possible. Via Liquid Content you can change the content on your website based on the characteristics of the company. Below, you can see a few examples of how companies use Liquid content in different ways.

Use the company name in the text

We use Liquid Content by adding the company name of the website visitor. The visitor is personally greeted when he/she visits the homepage.

Change images based on the industry

Heineken Blade sells professional beer taps for your office or at home. Based on the industry of the website visitor, a different image will be shown. If the website visitor is recognised as a company, an image will be shown with colleagues having drinks. If the visitor is not recognised, an image of a kitchen will be showed.