GDPR and Leadinfo E-mail Tracking: Everything you need to know!

Maintaining GDPR compliance while conducting a follow-up on European website visitors is of utmost importance to us. At Leadinfo, we recognize that data protection forms a big part of GDPR, and we take the necessary steps to safeguard data security. However, ensuring GDPR compliance involves more than just our efforts. As a Leadinfo user, you play a crucial role in establishing the right measures to ensure your GDPR compliance, especially when reaching out to leads and utilizing Leadinfo E-mail Tracking extensions.

This article offers an overview of key considerations when it comes to GDPR compliance and e-mail tracking.

Please note: Leadinfo does not provide legal advice on GDPR compliance. We strongly recommend consulting your legal team or advisor to obtain tailored guidance for your company, ensuring you avoid fines for non-compliance.

GDPR and Cold Emails

GDPR regulations grant greater control to European residents over their personal data. As a company, it is your responsibility to safeguard any information that could potentially identify European residents.

With Leadinfo E-mail Tracking, you gain insights into individuals who opened your e-mails, clicked through to your website, and explore the pages they visit. This enhanced visibility requires additional steps to ensure GDPR compliance.

How to Maintain GDPR Compliance with Cold Emails

When contacting leads who are European citizens and employing e-mail tracking, ensure your company adheres to the following:

Personal & Legitimate Interest

Under GDPR, you can send cold emails only when:

  • They are personal communications directed at specific individuals.
  • You have a valid reason based on legitimate interest to contact the lead.

Data Collection & Usage

Collect only the data that is essential. If the personal data isn't crucial for your sales process, legitimate interest might not be justified.

Additionally, ensure the collected data is appropriately protected. If a lead or customer requests their collected data, be prepared to provide it and offer the option to delete the data.


Promote transparency by informing your leads, prospects, or customers about the data you gather, your data processing activities, and the reasons for using their data.

You can include this information in your privacy statement and terms & conditions.

How to Maintain GDPR Compliance with E-mail Tracking

For tracking email interactions, explicit permission from the individual you're contacting is essential. Additionally, you must offer the option to unsubscribe from e-mail tracking.

You can utilize this link to unsubscribe your contacts from e-mail tracking.