FAQ: GDPR & Email Tracking

Everything you need to know on GDPR and Email tracking

Is Leadinfo e-mail tracking GDPR-compliant?

Yes, the use of Leadinfo E-mail tracking is GDPR-compliant if you ensure that you've taken the right steps to comply to GDPR whilst using e-mail tracking.  

What do I need to do to remain GDPR-compliant whilst using e-mail tracking.

In order to stay GDPR-compliant whilst using e-mail tracking you need to ensure that the way you obtained the data is in accordance with the GDPR regulations. Meaning, you need to obtain the email address appropriately.

Secondly, the receiver of the e-mail needs to be informed and given the option to provide consent for any processing activities. You must clear state the purpose of processing data. 

Finally, you need to adjust your privacy policy and statement that you use e-mail tracking and how this information is used within your business operations.

Read more about what to take into account in this article.

Do I need to change my privacy statement on the website?

Yes, when you install the Leadinfo trackingcode you need to mention the use of Leadinfo in the privacy statement. If you also enable e-mail tracking you need to add extra information on e-mail tracking. 

How can I sign out of the email extension? 

In case you have the email tracker installed but you wish to remove the connection, you have to open the extension in your email browser. At the bottom, click "sign out". In case you wish to remove the entire extension, you have to go back to the place where it has been downloaded. For Outlook this is the Office Store and for Gmail the Chrome Web Store. 

Do the general terms & conditions of Leadinfo change?

If you use the Leadinfo E-mail tracker extensions you need to agree with an adjusted privacy policy and new acceptable use policy. In this policy you agree with:

  • The Prohibited Use of the Leadinfo platform and extended features
  • The consequences of violations of the Acceptable use policy
  • The Leadinfo processing agreement

Does Leadinfo provide any support in regard to GDPR-regulations?

No, we do not provide any support with regard to GDPR. We only offer the above-mentioned guidelines to help you. We always recommend consulting your legal team or consultant to provide advice regarding the GDPR regulation. 


Please note: We always recommend consulting your legal team or consultant to provide compliance advice for your specific situation.