How can I follow up on leads as a marketer?

Leadinfo offers valuable information for Marketers. Based on this info, you can improve your marketing activities to make it more successful. One of the frequently asked questions we receive is: How can I, as a Marketer, conduct a follow-up on our website visitors.

Via this article we will provide useful tips for marketers to follow up on their leads.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Campaign Manager is the LinkedIn Tool to create and manage your ads. You can advertise your company in the timeline of potential customers. Thanks to Leadinfo you are now able to specifically target the companies who have already visited your website. By doing so you can target your ads to companies who have already showed a certain interested in your product or service. Use our LinkedIn Export function and upload the file under the ‘Target group’ of your campaign.

E-mail campaigns

Another way to use Leadinfo is to send an email to customers who visited certain pages. Via our export function, you can export the general email addresses of organisations and upload it into your mailing system. Please note that you need to have an opt-in if you want to send commercial emails. You can find more information regarding GDPR regulations here.

Direct Mailing

Did a company visit a specific (campaign) page? You can always send a folder with more information. By doings so, you will always stay top of mind at your customer. You can export the addresses of each organisation that visited a specific URL.

Please note: for direct mailing, you need an opt-in.