How do I install the tracking code of Leadinfo on my ShopWare website?

Follow the below steps, and easily install the Leadinfo tracking code on your ShopWare website. Please note that the suggested plugin are not managed by us. This means that we cannot offer any support regarding the plugins.

Have you already installed a Google Tag Manager plugin? Then it is best to read this article on how to install our tracking code via Google Tag Manager.

Step 1
: Copy the tracking code

Copy the tracking code from the Leadinfo Portal. You can find the tracking code under “Settings” and “Trackers”. Click on your website to see the tracking code. Make sure that when you copy the code, you do not make any changes!

Step 2: Download the plugin

Via below links you can download the Custom JavaScript Manager for ShopWare. You can install the code via these plugins without having to alter the source code of your website.

ShopWare 5: Custom JavaScript/CSS Manager

ShopWare 6: Custom JavaScript/CSS Manager

Please note that we do not manage the plugins in ShopWare. This means that we cannot offer any support regarding these plugins.

Step 3: Paste the code in the container manager

Once you have downloaded the plugin, you can access it under in your ShopWare account. If you use ShopWare 5 you can find it under "Custom CSS/JSS" and under “Settings”. If you use ShopWare 6 you can find it under "Custom JavaScript/CSS" under “Configuration”.

Paste the code from step 1 in the JavaScript box. Make sure that you name the container, put in on active and select the right Shop. Once you have done this, you can click “Save and compile”.

The tracking code will immediately be live, allowing you to start identifying the companies that visited your website!

Are you new to Leadinfo? You will gain access to the rest of the portal once we have registered the first company visit on our website.