How do I install the trackingcode from Leadinfo on my Joomla! website?

Install the Leadinfo tracking code within a few steps on your Joomla! website. Once you have installed the tracking code, you can start recognising the businesses that visit your website.

Step 1: Download the Joomla! Zip file here.

Step 2: Log into Joomla!

Are you using Joomla! V3? Go further to step 3a. If you're using Joomla! V4, please continue with step 3b.

Step 3a: Navigate to “Extensions” in the top menu and click on “Manage”.

Step 3b:
Go to “Settings” and click on “Install”. From here, you need to click “Install extension”.

Step 4:
Upload the file you've downloaded in the first step under "Upload Package File".

Step 5: Go to the Leadinfo portal and navigate to “Settings”. Click on the website below "Trackers” and copy the unique Site ID that starts with LI-xxx.

Step 6: Go back to Joomla! and click in the top menu on “Extensions” and select "Plugins". Click on the Leadinfo plugin and place the copies Site ID from step 5.

Step 7:
Make sure to change the status to “Enabled” and save the change you've made. From now on, you can recognise the companies that visit your website.

Now you can start setting up your Leadinfo portal or subscribe to our product demo and get to know the ins and outs of Leadinfo.