The Impact of Google's IP protection on Leadinfo

Google's new plans for "IP Protection" has got people wondering how it might affect Leadinfo. It's still early days, but for now, Leadinfo users do not need to worry and can continue to use Leadinfo without any impact. If anything changes on this matter, we will inform our customers as soon as possible.

What is Google's IP Protection?

So, what exactly is Google's IP Protection? At its core, it addresses the rising issue of cross-site tracking by providing users with the ability to conceal their IP addresses. Google is taking a measured approach to its implementation, allowing users to opt-in voluntarily for this additional layer of privacy.

The initial testing phase currently only involves Google-owned domains and U.S.-based IP addresses, services like Gmail, Google Voice, and legacy domains such as and

Leadinfo IP Recognition

Traditionally, Leadinfo has relied on identifying companies through their IP addresses. While the introduction of Google's IP Protection introduces a new variable, the extent of its impact is still unclear at this early stage. Our users need not worry, as we are closely monitoring the situation, and any potential implications for Leadinfo will be communicated transparently.

Rest assured, the current user experience with Leadinfo remains unaffected. We are actively keeping an eye on developments related to IP Protection, ensuring our users are well-informed of any changes. While the precise impact of IP Protection is still undetermined, we aim to keep our users abreast of any future developments in a timely manner.

Dedication to innovation

In addition to our commitment to user transparency, we are proactively investing in innovative approaches to reduce reliance on traditional IP tracking methods. This forward-thinking strategy helps us to ensure that our users can continue to benefit from the insights provided by Leadinfo, adapting seamlessly to shifts in online privacy dynamics.