Suggest edits in company profiles

Edit the company data of your website visitors!

We try to provide our users with the best company information available. It can happen that a company recently moved or changed its contact details. Our algorithm will automatically update company information over time. Spotted a mistake? You can also suggest edits to the company data we provide.

In this article, we'll discuss where you can suggest edits and what you can edit in a company profile.

Where can I edit a company profile?

In each company profile, you will find the button "Suggest an edit". Here you will find three options to suggest an edit. 


What contact details can I edit?

There are three options to suggest an edit for. 

Wrong company

Do we recognise the wrong company? Provide us with the company that should be displayed instead.

Company details

Edit the company details such as contact details, (estimated) sales volume or board members

Hide company

Hide a company for yourself and other users if you notice that the website visitor is an internet provider. 

How long will it take until the changes are visible?

After you submitted your edits, we will review and process your feedback within 72 hours.