Troubleshooting the HubSpot integration

Are you experiencing issues with the HubSpot integration? Check out this article to find an answer to your issues! 

The website visits are not visible in HubSpot

When you connect your website visitors to companies in HubSpot, Leadinfo will place the website visits in the company profile. Allowing you to access valuable Leadinfo data within HubSpot. Please note that we will only send website visits after the connection is made. 

In order to see the website visits in HubSpot, you'll need to make sure that Leadinfo is selected in the Activity filter. 



Leadinfo doesn't retrieve any data from HubSpot

When Leadinfo does not retrieve companies or account manager from HubSpot you might need to wait a few minutes. After you've made the connection, we will synchronise all the data. Depending on the amount of data in your CRM it can take, a few minutes up to a few hours. 

If after a few hours the data is not retrieved, we recommend disconnecting the integration and reconnect it again.