WebCRM integration

Easily connect WebCRM with Leadinfo. Once you connected the accounts you can add a timeline event to the company in WebCRM. Allowing you to have access to valuable insights of your website visits in WebCRM!

Why Connect WebCRM to Leadinfo

Before you set up the integration, let's dive deeper into what the benefits of connecting WebCRM to Leadinfo. First and foremost, with the integration you can:

🔗  Link website visitors to existing companies within WebCRM

🆕  Send a website visitor of as a new company within WebCRM

💻  View the visited pages of said company within WebCRM

This allows you to integrate the information from Leadinfo into your current sales flow. 

Please note 📝 The pages a company visits will be shared after the connection has been made. Sending over pages does not work retro-actively. 

How do I set up the WebCRM integration?

To set up the integration of WebCRM you need to create an API Key within WebCRM.

Step 1: Log into WebCRM and navigate to "Settings".

Step 2: From your settings, you need to click on “Integrations” and select “API” in the top menu bar. Here, you can create a new Application token by clicking on the blue plus sign in the bottom left corner.

Step 3: Give the new connection a unique name such as “Leadinfo” and give WebCRM the right to read and write below properties:

  • Companies
  • Activities
  • Relations

Save the settings and copy the Application code.

Step 4: Go to your Leadinfo account and navigate to “Settings”. From here, you can select "WebCRM" under “Integrations”. Paste the Application you copied and select "Connect with WebCRM". 

How do I connect companies from Leadinfo to WebCRM?

No data is being shared with WebCRM until you connect a company. You can do this from the company profile in the inbox.

1. Go to the company profile you want to connect.

2. Click on the button "Link to WebCRM" in the right corner.

3. Connect the company to WebCRM. You can do this in two ways:

3.a Does the company already have a profile in WebCRM? Search for the company you would like to connect it to and click on "Connect".

3.b Do you want to create a new company in WebCRM? Select the correct account manager, give the company a name (prefilled) and click on "Create and link".

You will immediately find the company in WebCRM.

What information is shared?

When you create a new company from the inbox, Leadinfo will share the following information with WebCRM:

  • Company name

  • Company domain name

  • Phone number

  • City

  • Region

  • Postal code

  • Country

  • Address

Good to know 📝  We never view the data of your CRM ourselves. The system only needs authorization, so Leadinfo can transfer the data to your CRM environment.