What is the lead score?

We have added a Lead score to every company to easily identify the interesting leads in your. Beneath every company logo in the inbox and in the company profile you will find this lead score.

This lead score is indicated with a coloured bar. This bar either has the colour red, orange, yellow or green. This is the lead score, and it shows how interesting the company is for you. The greener the lead score, the more interesting the company is.

We base the lead score on a number of factors. These factors are, among others, the number of pages a lead has visited, how many visits a lead has made to your website and for how long a lead has been on your website.


Sort the inbox based on lead score

The inbox is by default sorted on date. You can change this setting and sort the inbox on Lead score. Allowing you to see the interesting leads first. 

Click on the triangles in the search bar. From this menu select "Lead score". Your inbox is now sorted based on Lead score.