Why is the Leadinfo tracker blocked on my website?

Your website might block the Leadinfo tracker because of a strong Content Security Policy.

You can check the Developers Console in Google to see if the Leadifno trackingcode is installed successfully and fires on the page you want to track. It can happen that the tracker fires successfully, but is blocked by your website. Our tracker often blocked by a strong Content Security Policy (CSP).


What is a Content Security Policy (CSP)?

The CSP is an extra layer of security that allows developers to restrict the behaviour on their website or application. Done correctly it detects and prevents attacks from data theft to code injection. This policy is set up by your team or via a security tool. 


There is no need to worry when Leadinfo is blocked by your CSP. You or your team can add Leadinfo to the rules of your CSP.


How do I know if my CSP blocks Leadinfo?


Step 1: In Chrome, go to your website and right-click on your website and select "Inspect".


Step 2: The developer console will pop up. In this console select "Network" from the top menu bar and search for "Ping.js" and refresh the page.


Step 3: When the Leadinfo tracking code is live on your website, you'll see the tracking code show up in the list of scripts. 


If you find the tracker in the overview of scripts, you're good to go! But if the tracker is marked red, and you see "(blocked:csp)" below the status, you need to change your Content Security Policy (CSP).