Cookieless tracking

Leadinfo matches the IP address of your website visitors against a publicly available database of company data. Allowing you to recognise the companies that visit your website. For the recognition of companies, Leadinfo does not place any cookies. We do, however, place cookies to provide analytical data. These cookies are cookies and are not shared with other parties.

If you prefer not to place any cookies at all you can choose "Cookieless Tracking". In this article, we'll explain how Cookieless tracking works and how to set it up for your account.

What is Cookieless tracking?

In order to provide you with information on-page analytics, Leadinfo places two cookies. By using these cookies we are able to provide you with accurate data on what pages a company visits and whether it's a first session or a returning session.

If you have set up Cookieless tracking, Leadinfo will not place any cookies but will track the pages based on their web browser. 

Does Cookieless tracking affect the Leadinfo user experience?

Yes. Cookieless tracking will have an influence on the page analytics in the portal. It will affect two functionalities of Leadinfo.

  1. How the sessions are shown in the company profile
  2. Screen recording.


With Cookieless tracking, it's hard to separate the different sessions of the same website visitor. As a result, it is possible that all website visits will be placed in one session per day. With cookies, it's easier to separate these sessions. Providing you with a clear overview.

Screen recording

It is not possible to enable screen recording and enable cookieless tracking. If you want to use screen recording, you must disable Cookieless tracking. 


Good to know📝: Cookieless tracking does not have any influence on the recognition of your website visitors.


How can I set up Cookieless tracking?

To enable cookieless tracking, you only need to turn on one setting in Leadinfo.

Step 1: Log into Leadinfo and navigate to "Settings".

Step 2: On the left side select the domain you want to change the tracking code for.

Step 3: Under Cookies switch the toggle to disable or enable cookies. 



Good to know 📝: You can update this setting anytime, and you do not need to update your website once you have made these changes.