How does Liquid Content work?

Please note: In order to use Liquid Content, it is essential to have extensive knowledge of web development. Leadinfo does not offer extra support to implement Liquid Content.

Change the content on your website based on your website visitor, or use the company of your website visitor in your text. It is all possible with Liquid Content.

How does Liquid Content work?

To implement Liquid content on your website, you need to have some development skills. You have to create an API-call from your website to our API ( Below, you can find an example code with jQuery.

You only have access to our API when you have purchased liquid content via the portal. Once you have purchased Liquid Content, you will be added to our white list.

<script type="text/javascript">
url: '',
success: function(data){
//show data in your browser console

//example on how to replace an element in your page
if(data.hasOwnProperty('name')) {
$('.injected-header-text').html('Welkom ' +;


The above example is for a jQuery framework. For more possibilities, we refer you to the jQuery documentation. You can also use another JavaScript framework.

Please note the following when you are implementing Liquid Content

There are a few matters you need to be aware of before implementing Liquid Content.

When you receive an empty response, we did not recognize the website visitor. If we do recognize the website visitor, you will have access to the following information:

Names Variable Names
Company name name
City city
County country
SIC code branch_code_sic87
SBI code branch_code
Domain domain
Favicon favicon
Logo logo
Chamber of commerce number coc_number
Employees employees
Total employees (incl. company group) employees_total
Estimated sales volume sales_volume


You will receive a response in XML or JSON. This depends on the HTTP-Header 'accept'. When this is not present, Leadinfo will send a JSON.

In addition, you need to create a call via JavaScript on your website. It is important that this takes place in the front end and not the backend.