How to build campaigns for colleagues

Learn all about how to manage campaigns for your colleagues when working with Leadinfo Autopilot.

In Leadinfo Autopilot, you can easily create and manage campaigns for your colleagues. So are you a marketeer responsible for generating leads for the sales team? Then continue reading. This article explains how you can build a campaign for your colleagues. Allowing you to set up campaigns for sales reps and sending emails or LinkedIn invites from their name.


Step 1: Navigate to Autopilot and start building the new campaign, just as you would do if you build a campaign for yourself. Want to learn more on how to create a campaign? Check out this help article for a step by step explanation. 

Step 2:
When choosing your first campaign step, you have to connect a LinkedIn or Email account. If you're building a campaign for someone else, select "Invite a colleague". A few options appear:

  • If your colleague has never connected his LinkedIn or Email accounts in the past, select "Invite new user" at the top right. An email is now sent to the user to connect the correct accounts.

  • If your colleague has already been invited in the past, select him/her from the list of available users. An email is now sent to the user to connect the accounts, if there are still accounts not connected. The status of the user is also shown in the overview:
    • Active: the account is connected successfully
    • Not connected: the account is not yet connected by the user
    • Revoke invitation: the user is invited but has not connected their accounts. Press the button to revoke the invite. 

Please note 📝  In order to connect your email and LinkedIn in Autopilot, the user needs to be an active user in your Leadinfo account. Navigate to "Settings > Users" to invite new users to the account. 


Step 3: Finish building the campaign. The campaign cannot be activated until the user has connected his/her accounts. As soon as the user made the connection, a notification emails is send to the builder of the campaign. You can now continue to activate the campaign. 


Step 4: Activate the campaign and add your leads! Want to know more about how to add leads to a campaign, check out this article


Manage seats 


If you select manage seats, you find an overview of all the users attached to your Leadinfo account. This overview shows which users currently have an Autopilot seat and who received an invitation. Hoover over the users to change assigned seats. Select "change seats to provide seats to other colleagues. You will get a notification if you run out of seats, with the option to buy additional seats.