I am working from home, but my company is recognised by Leadinfo, is that allowed by the GDPR?

According to the GDPR, it is not allowed to use IP addresses to identify persons. For this reason, it is not possible to recognise people who go to your website through a private connection. Nevertheless, we are regularly asked how you can be recognised when you are at home, why is this?

There can be several reasons for this. Most people just have a consumer subscription at home with an internet service provider. Leadinfo never links these IP addresses to a company profile. A very small percentage of companies work through a business subscription at home. We do link these IP addresses to company profiles.

We are often asked whether this complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. Leadinfo complies 100% with the GDPR legislation. An IP address is personal data, and in order to use an IP address, a basis is required. The basis used for this is "own justified interest" (Article 6(f) of the AVG). On this basis, the AVG is permitted to use business IP addresses for marketing and analytical purposes. IP addresses are not retained and only general business information of companies is provided to users.

It is also possible to connect your office location by a VPN, making it look as if you are recognised at home. This is not the case, because the IP address is then used from the VPN connection to your business connection.

If you work at home and are recognised, this is probably due to the aforementioned situations. To make sure that we as Leadinfo comply with the AVG/GDPR, we have had this checked by ''Arnoud Engelfriet'' from ''ICTRecht''. During this check, he indicated that Leadinfo complies with the GDPR. You can also read this here. Do you have any questions about this? Feel free to let us know!