Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Connect Leadinfo to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to send Leadinfo data to your CRM. Once the connection has been made, you can link companies straight from your inbox into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enabling you to view valuable insights within your CRM system.

Why Connect Zoho to Leadinfo

Before you set up the integration, let's dive deeper into what the benefits of connecting Zoho to Leadinfo. First and foremost, with the integration you can:

🔗 Link website visitors to excisting companies within Zoho

🆕 Send a website vistior of as a new company within Zoho 

💻 View the visited pages of said company within Zoho

This allows you to integrate the information from Leadinfo into your current sales flow. 

Please note 📝 The pages a company visits will be shared after the connection has been made. Sending over pages does not work retro-actively 

How do I Set up the Microsoft Dynamics Integration?

Log in to the Leadinfo portal and go to "Settings".

2. Select "Microsoft Dynamics 365" under integrations.

3. Enter the URL of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment and click on "Connect with Microsoft Dynamics 365".

4. Login with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 credentials and give Leadinfo permission to access your environment.

And that's it! You have connected Leadinfo to your Dynamics environment. Please note that no information is being shared now. First, you need to link a company, as explained in the below steps.

How do I connect companies from Leadinfo to Microsoft Dynamics?

No data is shared with Microsoft Dynamics 365 until you connect a company from your Leadinfo inbox to your CRM system.

1. Go to the company profile you want to connect.

2. Click on the button "Link to Microsoft Dynamics 365" in the right corner.

3. Connect the company to HubSpot. You can do this in two ways:

3.a Does the company already have a profile in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Search for the company you would like to connect it to and click on "Connect".

Do you want to create a new company in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Select the correct account manager, give the company a name (prefilled) and choose if you want to create the company as an account or as a lead. And click on "Create and link".

You will immediately find the company in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The future visits of the company will be shared as a note in the company profile within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please note: this does not work retroactively. Only future visits will be shared.

What information is shared?

When you create a new company from your inbox, Leadinfo will share the following information with Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Company name

  • Website

  • Description

  • Country

  • Region

  • City

  • Postal code

  • Address

  • Number of employees