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Receive an email when an interesting lead visits your website

When your website generates a large amount of traffic, it might be useful to only receive an email when interesting companies visit your website. To set this up, you will need to use the functionality triggers.

With a trigger, you provide a set of rules that your website visitor needs to meet. When a company visits your website and meets these rules, you can automatically send a notification email to yourself or your colleagues. You can find more information on triggers here. In this article, we will explain setting up a notification email by using an example.

Webshop Example

To explain how you can set up a notification email, we will use the example of a webshop that sells desks to companies. The webshop immediately wants to know when a company clicked on the cart but did not purchase anything. A website visitor is interesting for the webshop when the company:

  1. has at least 50 employees

  2. is active in the Netherlands

  3. has added something to their cart

  4. did not go to the check out page.

Set up rules

The trigger needs to be set up as shown in the below image. Always check what the unique text in your URL is. Your company might use "Basket" instead of "Cart" in the URL.

Set up an Action

After determining the rules, you can select under "Action" the action "Send an email". Here you can add your colleagues. To see more info on the company, your colleague needs to have access to Leadinfo.

You can also select the frequency of receiving a notification from a company. Move the slider to the right to reduce the frequency.

And finally, you can select under "Languages" in which language the notification email needs to be sent.