Salesflare integration

Easily connect Salesflare with Leadinfo. Once you connected the accounts, the future website visits will be shared as a note within the company profile, Salesflare. Allowing you to have access to valuable insights of your website visits in Salesflare!

Please note 📝 The pages a company visits will be shared after the connection has been made. Sending over pages does not work retro-actively. 

How do I set up the Salesflare integration?

  1. Go to your Salesflare environment and navigate to "Settings".
  2. From your settings menu, select “API Keys”.
  3. Here, you can create a new API Key by clicking on the bottom right button.
  4. Copy the API key

  5. Log in to the Leadinfo portal and go to settings.
  6. Under integrations, select “Salesflare”.
  7. Paste the copied information from step 4 and click on "Connect with Salesflare".

Good to know 📝 We never view the data of your CRM ourselves. The system only needs authorization, so Leadinfo can transfer the data to your CRM environment