Solving the most common issues with triggers

Triggers are the way to automate the Leadinfo portal and thus save you a lot of time! It is common for our users to make small mistakes in the settings, resulting in issues with the trigger. In this article, we will solve the most common issues our users run into.

Check out this article if you'd like to know more about the different rules you can use for a trigger.


1. My trigger is not working. How is this possible?


Check if the trigger is active

There are different reasons why a trigger could not be working. It is always smart to check if your trigger is active. Next to each trigger you can see a grey or green dot. When the dot is green, your trigger is active. When the dot is grey, your trigger is inactive.


Triggers do not work retroactively

Triggers do not work retroactively. When you activate a trigger, the action will only be carried out from the moment that the trigger has been activated.


2. A website visitor has assigned a label which they should not have. How did that happen?

You can install triggers to automatically assign labels to certain companies. When these settings aren't configured correctly, it can happen that companies receive a label while they shouldn't have needed one. Please take a look at the below settings when something like this happens:


  • All vs. Any

In the settings of your trigger, you can decide whether you want "All" rules to be true or "Any" of the rules should be true.

When you select "All", Leadinfo will only execute the action when all rules in the trigger are true. When you select "Any" only one of the rules should be true in the trigger. Take a look at what setting you've set up in the trigger.


  • All visits vs. Current visit

There is a small difference between the rules of "All visits" and "Current visit".

When you select a rule that applies to "All visits", Leadinfo will look at the behaviour the company had in all its visits.

When you select a rule that applies "Current visit", Leadinfo will only look at the behaviour in the current visit.



When you install a trigger with the rule "URL in all visits" contains "Contact", to automatically assign a tag to a company, and that company visit does not visit the contact page in the current visit, but it has visited the contact page in the past, it will still receive the tag!


3. I cannot select a Zap in the trigger settings

It is not possible to select a Zap from the settings of your trigger. When a company is being shared from Leadinfo to Zapier, all Zaps in Zapier with the event type "Trigger" will go off.

We recommend only using 1 zap with the event type "Trigger". When you configured these settings correctly Leadinfo will send the information to Zapier. Check out the detailed help articles from Zapier to help you get started!