Act! integration

You can link Leadinfo with Act!, so your website visits are automatically synchronised. In Act!, a note then is added to the company. You will have insight into the website visits of your contacts there. In addition, you have the option in the Leadinfo portal to link the company profile of a website visitor in Act! to an existing company, or a new company.

Why Connect Act! to Leadinfo

Before you set up the integration, let's dive deeper into what the benefits of connecting Act! to Leadinfo. First and foremost, with the integration you can:

🔗 Link website visitors to existing companies within Act!

🆕 Send a website visitor of as a new company within Act! 

💻 View the visited pages of said company within Act!

This allows you to integrate the information from Leadinfo into your current sales flow. 


Please note 📝 The pages a company visits will be shared after the connection has been made. Sending over pages does not work retro-actively. 

Set up Act! integration

  1. Log in to the Leadinfo portal and go to settings.

  2. Under integrations, select "Act!".

  3. Enter your API domain, username, password, and database and click on "Connect to Act!".

From now on you can use the link with Act!. Still not working? Feel free to contact us!