When you connected your CRM system with Leadinfo you can push interesting leads to your CRM system. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Manually - When you are in you inbox, click on an interesting lead. From the company profile you will see 'Connect with ###' in the top right corner. When you click on this button you can choose to connect the lead to an existing company in your CRM or add a new one!
  2. Automatically - By using a trigger you can send interesting leads to your CRM System. For this functionality you need a Zapier account that is connected to your Leadinfo account.

Share leads automatically via Triggers

Via triggers you can automatically connect intersetting leads to your CRM system. From the moment you have connected a company to your CRM system information will be shared between Leadinfo and your CRM. Follow below steps to set up a trigger.

  1. Go to 'Triggers' in the portal. You immediately land on a screen to add new triggers.
  2. Determine which conditions a lead needs to meet.
  3. Add an action 'Share on Zapier' and select the right 'Zap'. Is Zapier not connected to your Leadinfo account? Take a look at below steps!

Connecting Zapier

Follow below steps to connect Zapier with leadinfo. Once you have connected Zapier, you can select 'Share on Zapier' in the settings of your trigger.

  1. In the Leadinfo portal go to settings and select under integrations “Zapier”.
  2. Click on "Connect with Zapier" and login with your Zapier account
  3. When selecting an app, search for “Leadinfo”.
  4. Select the trigger event you want to use. In order to connect Zapier to a trigger you need to select the option 'trigger'.
  5. Click on continue and select the option to login to Leadinfo.
  6. After logging in, you can choose the app to which the data must be written. The settings depend on the app you choose.
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