Is a competitor visiting your website? Or is your product or service only interesting for certain companies? These companies can make your inbox or export unclear.

In this article, we will explain how you can hide these companies via the below steps.

  1. Create the tag "Not interesting"

  2. Hide the tag in your inbox

  3. Connect the tag to a company

Step 1: Create the tag "Not interesting"

By default, we already added tags to your inbox. One of these tags is "Not Interesting".

You can create new tags if you want by clicking on "+add tag". In the menu on the left side.

Step 2: Hide the label in your inbox

Once you have created the label you can directly find it in the left menu. To hide the label in your inbox you need to hover your mouse on the tag and click on the 3 dots. Here you can select "Hide" under "Labels in inbox"

Step 3: Connect the tag to a company

The only step left is to connect the company you want to hide with the tag "Not Interesting". You can do this in two ways:

Manually via your inbox

In your inbox, click on the company that you would like to hide. In the company profile, you can click on "+Add tag" and search for the tag "Not Interesting". Once you have added the tag to the company, the company will be hidden in your inbox.

Automatically via a trigger

If you want to hide multiple companies it is easier to automatically assign a label via a trigger. A trigger consists of a set of rules that your website visitor need to meet. If the visitor meets these rules you can add an action to it. Such as assigning a tag.

Go to "Trigger" and determine the rules to which the website visitors need to meet. Select "Assign tag" under "Action" and select the correct tag from the dropdown menu,

You can find more information on how to set up triggers here.

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