How do I install the tracking code of Leadinfo on my BigCommerce website?

BigCommerce allows you to install custom tracking codes on your website. Simply follow the below steps to install Leadinfo and start recognising the companies that visit your website.

Leadinfo Tip 💡 Have you already installed a Google Tag Manager plugin? Then it is best to read this article on how to install our tracking code via Google Tag Manager.


Step 1: Copy the tracking code from the Leadinfo. Note that this is should be the code under " Manual installation".

Step 2:
Within your BigCommerce dashboard, navigate to "Storefront" and select "Script Manager"

Step 3:
Within Script Manager create a new script by clicking "Create a script". Here you need to insert the Leadinfo trackingcode that you copied in step 1 and provide all the extra info.

Name of Script: Can be any name you like to create a clear overview of the different scripts.

Description: Give a clear description of the tracker of leave it empty.

Location page: Here you need to select "Head".

Select pages where script will be added: Determine whether you want to track all pages or just specific pages of your website. We recommend tracking all pages to gain insights of your entire website.

Script Type: Here you need to select "Script".
Script contents: Here you need to paste the copied tracking code from step 1. 

Step 4: Click save and your trackingcode will be live on your website! 

From now on, you are ready to recognise your business visitors on your website. You can find an overview of the companies in the Leadinfo inbox.

The tracking code will immediately be live, allowing you to start identifying the companies that visited your website!

Are you new to Leadinfo? You will gain access to the rest of the portal once we have registered the first company visit on our website.