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Troubleshooting: The LinkedIn Ads Integration

Running into issue within the LinkedIn Ads Integration and audience creation? Have a look at the most common issues and how to solve them.


My audience still has the status "Building" and I cannot use it in my LinkedIn Campaigns

It can take up to 48 hours for an audience to build. If takes longer than 72 hours, please reach out to LinkedIn Support with your segment name, account ID, and expected match rate for further assistance.


My audience has the status "Failed". What can I do? 

Your audience upload and processing were successful, but the Matched Audience is too small to be used for your campaign. In order to start a campaign, you need a minimum audience size of 300 members. To increase the size of your Matched Audience segment, you have a couple of options.

  • You can export more companies or contacts from your Leadinfo Export and add them to your audience.
  • Alternatively, you can use triggers to automatically push more companies to your audience.

More info about sending companies to your LinkedIn Matched Audience can be found here

I connected the integration, but do not see my Account in the list. 

Head to your campaign manager to check out the status of your account. Leadinfo will only retrieve accounts with the status "Active". If your account is not active, reach out to LinkedIn for support in activating your LinkedIn Campaign Manager Account.

I connected the integration, but cannot select any Audiences

When you do not see any accounts and audiences, check first if you have connected a LinkedIn Account that used LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Secondly, check if you have any active audiences that have the type of Company and that are created via Leadinfo. Leadinfo can only push companies to a company list that is created from Leadinfo. 

If you only have User Audiences, it's not possible to select any audience. 


I have active Audiences within LinkedIn ads, but cannot select them within Leadinfo

As Leadinfo only works with companies, we will only push companies towards your LinkedIn Matched Audiences. Next to that, Leadinfo can only push companies toward a LinkedIn Audience when the Audience is created from Leadinfo. If you only have User Audiences, it's not possible to select any audience. 

If you do have a company audience that you cannot select, check the status of the Audience. If the status is "Building" Leadinfo cannot retrieve the Audience until the Audience has finished building.


I would like to select an audience that I once uploaded via a company list upload through a CSV file.

It is not possible to export companies to an existing audience that was uploaded via a CSV file. Easily create a new audience from Leadinfo and then push the companies from Leadinfo.

Once your audience is built, you can use it in your campaigns.