What is Liquid content?

Leadinfo offers the functionality Liquid Content! A feature that allows you to optimise your website for maximum conversions.

What is Liquid Content?

With Liquid Content you can adjust the content on your website based on your website visitor. Based on the characteristics of the company you can make adjustments in the text, images, videos, and more! By using Liquid Content you can, for example, only display case studies related to hospitality when a restaurant or hotel visits your website.

Or you can use Liquid content to add company details on your website. On our own home page, we use the company name in our text:


By personalizing your website based on the characteristics of your website visitor, you can play into the needs of your website visitor. And thus create an interest in your product or service.

How does Liquid Content work?

You have to have a bit of coding knowledge to implement Liquid Content on your website. When you will use Liquid Content, you will receive access to our API. Via this API you can apply Liquid Content to your website. The API is easy to reach via jQuery. This article describes the implementation of Liquid Content in detail.

How can I get Liquid Content?

Liquid Content is only available as an “Add-on” on your current subscription. You can purchase Liquid Content in the portal. Go to “settings” and select “subscription” in the left menu. Here you will also see what the costs are of Liquid Content.

Contact our team on support@leadinfo.com for more information.