FAQ: Screen recording

Find an answer to the Frequently Asked Questions on Screen recordings

This article list an overview of the Frequently Asked Questions on screen recording. Don't hesitate to contact our Support via support@leadinfo.com if you still have questions.

I used to see screen recording during my trial period, but now it's gone. What happened?

Screenrecording is available as an add-on to your subscription. During the trial period you can test whether screen recording is something you want to add to your account. You can enable screen recording during any time of your subscription here. The pricing depends on your current subscription. 


Why is the screen recording button not always visible in the company profile?

There are several reasons why the recording is not shown in the company profile.


1. Browser 

Unfortunately, we are not able to create recordings if a company uses Safari as a browser to visit your website. This limitation is for both the desktop and the mobile version of Safari.


2. Loading time

When you click on a company profile Leadinfo will load the screen recording in that moment. Depending on how long the session is, it can take a few seconds up to 30 seconds before the recording is shown.


3.There's nothing to show

When your website visitor go to your website and immediately close the browser or click to another website, it will be shown as visit of 5 seconds. Even if it only lasted for 1 or 2 seconds. In this case we could not record the session, resulting in no screen recording. 


4. Bad connection

The sessions are recored in real time when someone visits your website and are send immediately to our server. When someone's internet connection is not working correctly, it can result in Leadinfo not being able to process and store the recording.


5. Adblocker 

Adblocking is a software feature which users can add to their device to block applications and advertisements. When the visitor has an adblocker active, the recording cannot be created. 


Does it matter if Leadinfo is used with or without cookies? 

When the Leadinfo tracking code is placed without cookies, it is not possible to make recordings. Navigate to "trackers" at the settings of the portal to turn on the cookies. Click here to read more about the difference between tracking with or without cookies. 


How long does Leadinfo save the recordings?

The screen recording are saved for two weeks. After these two weeks the recording will no longer be visible within Leadinfo.