Do I have to ask visitors for their consent before using Leadinfo?

When using a service like Leadinfo, you need to assess which lawful basis should underlie the data processing happening when using the platform. The processing for Leadinfo entails collecting the IP address of a website visitor and then matching it with an IP address in Leadinfo’s database.

Therefore, the use of Leadinfo is most frequently based on:

  1. Explicit consent from the website visitor or
  2. the legitimate interest of the data controller

It's up to the user to determine what option suits best. It could be an option for you to let visitors consent to the collection of the information they leave behind when visiting your website. It would entail only activating Leadinfo’s pixel once the visitor has agreed to this – such consent is easily obtained via the cookie banner that most companies have already implemented on their websites.

But you can also choose to base your processing on legitimate interest. In which case consent is not necessary. Marketing and analytics are in some cases considered a legitimate interest, and Leadinfo uses personal data only to a very limited extent. This takes adequate account of privacy.

Please note: if you use the functionality HubSpot Contact Recognition we advise you to ask for explicit consent from your website visitors. 

How does the recognition work?

Leadinfo recognises companies based on their IP-address. If a visitor browses your website via a Business IP-address, Leadinfo will start matching it to a company.

Leadinfo’s IP-address database only contains IP-addresses associated with companies – so the match is only made if the website visitor comes from a company IP-address. Leadinfo will carry out the processing as instructed by the customer and thereby the processing is controlled by the data processing agreement concluded between the customer and Leadinfo.

How can I add Leadinfo to my cookie policy?

When you decide to let visitors consent to the collection of the information they leave behind when visiting your website, you can easily add the Leadinfo trackingcode to your cookie banner. Below articles explain how to add Leadinfo to your cookie banner.