How to manage your Leads within Leadinfo Autopilot

Manage, edit, and update your contacts to always work with the most recent data.

In Leadinfo Autopilot, you have a comprehensive view of all your leads. This includes leads that have been added through manually from the Leadinfo inbox, CSV uploads, or automatically through triggers. The lead overview allows you to easily keep track of all your leads and manage them effectively.

Discover more information on effectively managing your contacts in this article.

The Lead Overview Explained

Within the Leadinfo Autopilot, you have an overview of all your leads. On the left side column, you can easily sort through the different types:

  • Latest Activity: : An overview with the status of your leads. Here, you can see when contacts take action from your campaign, such as opening emails or visiting a profile. Read this article for a complete explanation of this page.
  • In review: All leads that need to be reviewed to proceed in the campaign. For example, missing contact information used in personalization. Read this article for a complete explanation of this page.
  • All Leads: All leads added to Leadinfo Autopilot.
  • My Leads: All Leads added by yourself to Leadinfo Autopilot. 


The Lead overview provides detailed information about your lead such as:

  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Are they enrolled in a campaign
  • The owner of the lead
  • Source
  • engagement score


Easily search and filter in the Lead Overview

Search for a lead based on their name, company name or job title. 



You can also, filter in your overview based on the activity of the lead or based on their owner / enrolled campaigns.

Edit Leads

To edit the details of a contact, simply click on the lead. On the right side, a modal appears. Make your changes or add more information. Don't forget to select “Save” in the top right corner! 

Adding new leads

You can easily add new leads to your overview by clicking on "+ Add Lead" in the top right corner. After that, you can decide whether you want to add the lead via a trigger, manually from the inbox, or through a CSV file.