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Integrations for Marketing: Connect Leadinfo to your software using integrations

Connect Leadinfo effortlessly with software tools used within your company

Send information between Leadinfo and your preferred software using our integrations. Allowing you to gain insight into valuable Leadinfo data regarding your website visitors.

In this article, you will find:

An overview of our marketing integrations

Discover a variety of solutions provided by Leadinfo to enhance your understanding of the visitors to your website. Click on the below integrations to find out how to connect it to Leadinfo!

Google Analytics

Connect Leadinfo with Google Analytics to enhance your understanding of website traffic and user behavior. Google Analytics gives the possibility to create detailed reports based on specific visitor characteristics like industry, company size, and location. By integrating the two platforms, you can also optimize your marketing strategies and uncover valuable insights into the quality and value of your website traffic.



Google Looker Studio

Add Leadinfo to your data studio reports and visualise the data of your B2B website visitors! Or create a new dashboard by using the Leadinfo Looker Studio template.

Google Ads integration

With the Google Ads integration, you can measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. When a company visits your website via a Google Ads Advert, you will see via what campaign, ad group or search term he/she visited the website.


Linkedin Ads

Utilize LinkedIn Ads to target specific companies and their employees with your ads. By incorporating valuable data from Leadinfo, you can focus your ads on companies that have already shown interest in your website. This targeted approach increases clicks and helps re-engage visitors you may have lost.




Matomo integration

With Matomo, you can gain deep insights into your website visitors. By utilizing the data provided by Leadinfo, you can create detailed reports based on interesting characteristics of the companies visiting your website. This helps you better understand which companies are visiting your website and how they behave on your platform.

Matomo also allows you to analyze and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. By examining which companies respond to specific marketing campaigns and what actions they take on your website, you can refine your strategies and better align them with the needs and interests of your target audience. This enables you to make targeted and effective marketing decisions and maximize the success of your marketing activities.