How do I install the Leadinfo tracking code on my website?

You've just requested a Leadinfo account and now want to start to identify and track companies that visited your website. First, you need to install the tracking code on your website.

You can install the tracking code by adding the code manually to your website, use Google Tag Manager or use our plug-ins for WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal.

This article explains how you can install the Leadinfo tracking code manually on your website. Check out this list of articles that helps you install the tracking code on different Content Management Systems (CMS).

Manual installation of Leadinfo

To install the Leadinfo tracking code, you need access to the CMS that is used to manage your website.

Step 1:
Log into the Leadinfo portal and copy the Leadinfo tracking code. If you're already using Leadinfo you can find the tracking code in the portal by navigating to “Settings” and selecting your website under “Trackers”.


Step 2: Go to your CMS and go to the section where you can edit the header of your website.


Step 3: Paste the tracking code and save your changes. Do not make any changes to the tracking code. The tracking code will not function correctly if you accidentally add a space or a character.

The tracking code will be live and once we've registered your first company visit you will get access to the rest of the portal!

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