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Get started with Leadinfo automation

A quick overview of all automation possibilities within Leadinfo

Thanks to Leadinfo you have gained access to more leads. But you do not want your sales and marketing team to be flooded with work. Save time and automate the sales process. From recognized website visitor to paying customer. Leadinfo provide all automation needed to help you drive up your sales. 

How to get started with Leadinfo Automation

Before you start with setting up your automation it is important to know how your sales process looks like. Think about the following questions:

  • What companies are interesting to follow up? Think about any company characteristics or behaviour on the website.
  • How does the sales process look like? Do you want your team to work from Leadinfo or do you want them to work from your CRM? 

What automation does Leadinfo offer?

Once you have an answer you can start setting up your automation. For example, if you want your team to work from your CRM, simply connect your integration and set up a trigger to automatically send your leads to your CRM.  Leadinfo provides different types of automation. Below a break-down of the automation possibilities and the differences. 


What? Description When to use it?
Segments Create Lead lists in your Leadinfo inbox that will automatically include companies that meet your Advanced filters Your team works from Leadinfo to follow up on the leads. Simply filter on your segments to only view the leads that interesting for you to follow up on. 
Triggers Execute an immediate action when a website visitor meets the qualification you have determined. 

Your team works from your CRM to follow up on the leads. Triggers allow you to automatically send these leads to your CRM.


A hot lead visits your website, and you immediately want to be notified. Set up a trigger to send a notification email for specific companies. 

Reports Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports with only the interesting visitors you want to follow up on. 

You do not want to receive a notification email for each individual visitor. You prefer all the leads to be shared in one email every morning.


Your company works with an calling agency. Set up reports to share the leads in an Excel file.



Endless possibilities

With Leadinfo Automation the possibilities are endless. Check out the articles below to help you get started with setting up your automation. 

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